St. Peter's

St. Peter’s welcomes members of our community, visitors, and members from other communities. Our congregation comes from all backgrounds, and baptized members of other denominations are always welcome to receive Communion. We are family-friendly, with a vibrant Sunday School & Youth Group. We also offer in-home Bible studies and weeknight courses to better serve our community.

On Nov. 1, 2015 we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Services in our current building (346 Cow Bay Rd.). The Original St. Peter's burned down in 1960 (see our History page). Check out our albums for some photos from our wonderful Celebration Service.

St. Peter's Anglican Church 346 Cow Bay Road

Service Times:

9 AM - Traditional Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer); alternating weekly with Christ Church (Cow Bay)

10:30 - Contemporary Holy Communion (Book of Alternative Services) and Sunday School