Seeking Assistance

Rev. Cate and the Parish of Eastern Passage are happy to help you as best they can. If you are facing a dangerous situation or an emergency, please contact 911. 

Rev. Cate is happy to meet with you to discuss struggles, joys, challenges, and spiritual or emotional needs in your life. What you discuss will be kept in confidence. Although she has trained for many things, she is not a licensed psychologist or counsellor, so if she feels as though things are out of her depth, she may refer you on to another source. 

The parish does not have tonnes of funds to help those in need, but sometimes arrangements can be made. Please feel free to reach out to Rev. Cate or the parish office if there is something specific you need help with. Otherwise, please call 211 for information, or see some of the resources below.

Out of the Cold

Out of the Cold is a community-based, volunteer-run organization that works to provide emergency winter shelter & community supports to people who are homeless and precariously housed. They are open from December 1st to April 30th. Please visit their website for more information or click here if you are planning to donate supplies to the shelter. 

St. Peters has a group that provides meals and other needed items to the Out of the Cold Ministry in Halifax.