Ministries and Groups

Altar Guild

The ministry of the Altar Guild is to care for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. They prepare the sanctuary for services and events, and clean up afterwards. Altar Guild members also frequently supervise the decoration of the sanctuary of the parish with banners and flowers.


Baptism is a sacrament, an "outward and visible sign of God's inward invisible grace." It is a one-time event in each person's life, at which point they are marked as Christ's own, and welcomed into the Church. The sacrament of baptism is available to people at any stage in their life. If you are interested in baptism, or in learning more about it, please contact the office for an application form and to book the date.

Bottle Exchange

We have an account for the church down at Matt's Bottle Exchange on the Cow Bay Rd. Your refundables can be donated to our account at any time to help with fundraising. Matt's has a Sticker Program so you can mark your donation "St. Peters Sunday School." 

Home Communion and Visiting

We provide in-home communion and visits for those who are unable to make it to services. Please let us know if you or someone you know is in need of a visit. 

In collaboration with other local churches, we also help to provide weekly worship services to residents of Ocean View Continuing Care. Our services are on the 4th Sunday of every month, at 2 PM. If you would be interested in helping in these ministries, please contact the office.

Many Hands Breakfast and Fellowship

This year also saw the re-emergence of our monthly

breakfast, moving from one for men and one for women into a new group for all to come together, named “Many Hands”. This group, indeed, hopes to make light the work of the church by coming together through food, fun, and fellowship to inspire parish volunteers.

Contact the office for more info and upcoming dates.

Mission Meals

Our "mission meals" group collaborates on a regular basis with other churches in Halifax and Dartmouth to provide Sunday Suppers to those in need. We call them 'Mission Meals'. To help out, either by cooking or serving, contact Linda & Willis. We can always use an extra hand!


We have a choir that sings at our 10:30 AM service, and rehearses on Wednesdays at 7 PM (on break for the summer, rehearsals starting again in the fall). We are recruiting musicians and soloists who would like to play or sing regularly with us, or just as a guest appearance. A few times a year, we host group sing-along events open to the community. 


We are a people of prayer in all aspects of our lives. We have prayer groups available, and are always happy to pray for you, your loved ones, or your needs. We include prayer requests in our own prayers, and also in our services. Please forward any prayer requests to the main office, or feel free to mention them in person to Rev. Cate or any other person of prayer.

Prayer Shawl

We’ve started a prayer shawl ministry in the parish, and have already received two shawls! For those who don't know, a prayer shawl is given to a person in need (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc) as a reminder that they are loved, and that they are being prayed for. My hope is that we can have some available to give out, whenever needed. Once shawls are available, you’re welcome to take them for someone you know who is in need. If you knit or crochet, you’re welcome to make shawls in any pattern/colour you see fit. Just remember that the intention of these is that they would be big enough for people to wrap around themselves, as a comfort. Patterns are available (just ask!) if you would like some guidance, or there are tonnes of patterns available online. 

Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development, emergency relief, refugees, and global justice. With the support of Anglican parishes across Canada, PWRDF makes financial and human resources available to support partners’ initiatives and to promote knowledgeable actions of solidarity at home and around the world.

PWRDF strives to be a part of the outreach ministry of every Canadian Anglican parish. It also seeks to be an expression for all Anglicans of their baptismal covenant to strive for justice and peace and to respect the dignity of every human being. Our Parish donates monthly to this worthy cause!

Sunday School

As they say, "Families that pray together, stay together." St. Peter's strives to be a starting place for that, and to be a child-friendly environment. During the school year, we have Sunday School available for children aged 4-12. Baptized children are welcome to receive communion or to come forward for a blessing. 

Children under 4 are welcome to come to church with their caregivers, and we have a quiet play area at the back of the church for your use. We have toys and crayons for you to use while supervising your child during services. We are so happy to have the energy that you and your little ones bring, but please respect that parishioners come to worship and hear the Sermon.

Our superintendent is Sandi Somerton, and she can answer any questions that you may have. Simply call the office and leave your name/number for Sandi and she will get in touch with you.

We also donate space to the following groups:

- Sparks, a division of The Girl Guides of Canada for children aged 5-6.

- The Eastern Passage/Cow Bay Community Food Bank. To connect with the food bank (run by volunteers from our community) call 902-465-2751. Members of our Parish regularly help run or donate to the Food Bank.

- Our Community's FellowStitch Group. This group meets weekly to sew items for local Shelters. If you'd like to join these sewing superstars, call the church office for more details.

- Embers, a division of The Girl Guides of Canada for children aged 7-8. 

- The Passage Players, our community's not-for-profit theatre group, for their rehearsals.