Rev. Cate Ratcliffe

Hailing from St. Margaret's Bay, Rev. Cate Ratcliffe started working as the new minister in St. Peter's Anglican Church (Eastern Passage) and Christ Church (Cow Bay) on August 1st, 2017. She feels truly blessed to have such a wonderful congregation, in such a beautiful community to boot! 

Cate graduated in May 2017 from the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax with her Master of Divinity, and before that received her Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison in Sackville, NB. She has had a passion for singing, dancing, and acting for longer than she can remember, and has been performing onstage since she was 4. When not in church or onstage, Cate tends to be found reading, knitting, learning guitar, spending time with her loving husband Noah and/or friends, usually all while juggling a cup (or two!) of tea.

Previous Ministers

We give thanks to those who have led us in ministry over the years:

Reverend Cate Ratcliffe                   2017-2023

Reverend Debra Burleson               2016-2017 (interim)

Reverend Michelle Bull                    2016-2017 (interim)

Reverend Davena Davis                  2014-2017 (Associate Priest)

Reverend John Ferguson                1991- 2016

Reverend Drew MacDonald            1989-1991

Reverend Ernest Linton                  1980-1989

Reverend E. Charles Ellis               1968-1980

Reverend W.J. Moore                     1959-1968

Reverend Gilmore Beattie              1952-1959

Reverend G. Rutter                        1950-1952

Reverend J. Willett                         1943-1950

Reverend A.E. Kingsbury               1940-1943

Reverend K. Eaton                         1938-1940

Reverend W.H. Greatorex              1925-1938

Reverend D. Edwards                    1906-1925

Reverend E. Roy                            1893-1906

Reverend R.M. Leigh                     1891-1893

Reverend A.A. Slipper                    1888-1891

Reverend T.C. Mellor                      1886-1888

Reverend W.L. Currie                     1877-1886

Reverend Charles Burn                  1870-1877

Rev. Ferguson

Rev. Ellis

Rev. Willet

Rev. Moore

Student Ministers

Michael Tutton (Winter/Spring 2018)

Douglas Beck (Summer 2017)

Katie Flynn (2015 - 2016)

Colin Nicolle (2014 - 2015)

Lorraine Otto (2012-14)

Debra Burleson

Lisa Vaughn (2000-2003)

Fran Boutilier (1996-97)

Brian Spence

Bruce Stuart 

David Peer 

Tricia Ingram 

Stephen Croft 

Katherine Bourbonniere 

Stacey LeMoine

Trevor Lightfoot 

Kent Greer