Worship Services

Update - April 23, 2021

Due to current public health restrictions, our weekly, in-person worship services are currently cancelled.

We will meet on Zoom and YouTube on Sunday mornings at 10:00. Please visit Rev. Cate Ratcliffe's YouTube channel to find our service, or contact the office or Rev. Cate for information on how to 

join with us using Zoom for worship and fellowship.

Click below to visit Rev. Cate's YouTube channel for services:

Rev. Cate's YouTube channel

Effective Thursday, April 29, the office will be open to in-person meetings by appointment only. Our Parish Administrator will be working from home during regular office hours. For quickest response, please email stpeterschurch@ns.sympatico.ca  or leave a voicemail at 902-465-4767. Both will be checked regularly during office hours.

St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery

The cemetery is now closed for the season, as of October 31, 2020. There will be no further burials or installation of headstones until the cemetery re-opens on the May long weekend in 2021.

The church is now open for indoor funerals. Please contact the office to arrange a funeral. 

St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery remains open for visitation.

We ask that visitors follow all Covid-19 directives given by the municipal, provincial and federal governments when visiting loved ones at the cemetery. Please maintain physical distance of 6 feet with other visitors to the cemetery and ensure there are 10 or less people in your group as you visit. These directives can change so please stay informed and make sure you are following current guidelines when you visit.

St. Peter's Cemetery will continue to maintain the grounds; providing our regular perpetual care to the cemetery.

Parish Council

Parish Council meetings are open to any member of the congregation to attend, to keep up with what happens in our parish. Unless you are a member of the Parish Council, however, you would not have a vote. If you do attend, we would ask that you remain respectful and quiet during the meeting. If you would like to speak at the meeting, please approach a member of council, preferably the Parish Council Secretary Julie Bergeron, before the meeting to be added to the agenda. Minutes of the meetings will be made available online, and on paper by request from the office.

Parish Council is currently meeting electronically on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm, excluding July & August.

Prayer Shawls

We have a prayer shawl ministry in the parish, and always welcome new shawls! For those who don't know, a prayer shawl is given to a person in need (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc) as a reminder that they are loved, and that they are being prayed for. Our goal is to have some available to give out, whenever needed. When shawls are available, you’re welcome to take them for someone you know who is in need. If you knit or crochet, you’re welcome to make shawls in any pattern/colour you see fit. Just remember that the intention of these is that they would be big enough for people to wrap around themselves, as a comfort. There are some patterns available at the back of the church if you would like some guidance, or there are tonnes of patterns available online. You also may notice that there are some shawls in progress at the back of the church, with a simple pattern. You are welcome to pick these up and work on them at any time. The more hands, the merrier! Please return them to the basket when you’re finished working on them.

Bottle Cap Collection

You may have heard, but Eastern Passage is at the forefront of a new recycling project, recycling bottle caps! Matt’s Bottle Exchange is collecting

caps from “beverage containers, household cleaners, condiments, pills, milk containers – basically any cap that is approximately 2 inches or less in diameter. Give them a quick rinse if needed.” Keeping in line with the Season of Creation, if you’re unable to bring them to Matt’s yourself, we have a place set up where you can recycle them at the church! So save up your bottle caps from the landfill, and help with a small step in saving the planet.

Sunday School

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Sunday School is taking a break just like the rest of our programs and services. .


St. Peter's offers an e-bulletin by email. If you would like to receive a copy of our monthly bulletin by email, please email the office at stpeterschurch@ns.sympatico.ca and we will add you to the list. If you are currently receiving an e-bulletin and are not interested in that, please let us know as well.

Parish Office

*If you need to meet with the office, please call to schedule an appointment during the hours below. 

    Monday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    Tuesday:  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    Wednesday:  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    Thursday:  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    Friday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    Saturday: Closed

    Sunday: Closed

    The Parish Office is housed in St. Peter's, 

    and is open these hours (excluding holidays). 

    If these hours don't work for you, please 

    contact the office to arrange an appointment 

    or time that would work for you.

Donating to St. Peters

If you'd like to make a donation to the parish, we are set up to receive donations by e-transfer (stpeterschurch@ns.sympatico.ca)! Simply include the following information in your e-transfer: Your full name and envelope number, or mailing address if you don't have an envelope number. In this way, you can receive a year-end tax receipt for your donation. This is a great way to make occasional or one-time donations. 



Message from the Rector: March 2021

Dear friends in Christ,

It’s hard to believe this month marks the one year point of when all this Covid craziness began in our area. We’ve seen so many changes in the past year that it could make your head spin! As we entered into our Lenten season this year, it was hard not to think about the fact that we were in the midst of Lent last year when things shut down quickly and firmly. I’ve even heard some folks saying that, in some ways, it feels like last year’s Lent never ended, and here we are, back at Lent again, full circle. And yet the celebrations of Easter did come, though a little more muted than they’ve been in years’ past. This has been a time we won’t soon forget, and will impact us in many ways, for a long time to come.

As we’re watching our numbers climb and restrictions have changed a bit for our area again, we’re keeping an eye on all that’s going on, to keep things as safe for our parish as possible. We’re continuing our hybrid model of in person services that are live-streamed on YouTube for those who prefer to participate virtually. We’re alternating our 7 PM midweek Lenten services between in person and online, and are exploring different ways of praying in those services. A great opportunity to learn some new ways to connect with God!

Despite this being probably one of the strangest years any one of us can remember, there is still hope. There is still good in the world, and God continues to work through each and every one of us. Many of the things we were reminded to do in the early days still ring true today, namely caring for one another and caring for ourselves. If you need help of any kind, whether that’s help getting groceries or even just a listening ear, please reach out. Be kind to one another, and let the light of Christ continue to shine from you.