Sunday Services

We offer two worship services each Sunday. At 9:00 AM we meet at Christ Church in Cow Bay and at 10:30 AM we meet at St. Peter's in Eastern Passage. 

Blessing of the Animals

Every Season of Creation, we have the wonderful opportunity to have a Blessing of the Animals service, one of my favourite of the year. It's a time to give thanks for our creature companions, and to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis. If you have a well-behaved, house-trained animal in your life, please bring them along to this short and sweet service at 7 PM on Tuesday, October 4th (human companion must be present and with them!). If your animals aren't big socializers or wouldn't be comfortable in a mixed space like that, please feel free to bring along a picture of them in their place. Or, if you don't have a pet yourself, but enjoy being around animals, come out to the service anyway and witness these members of God's creation being blessed! Hope to see you, and your precious animals, out that night!

Seniors' Lunch

Seniors’ Lunch has restarted in the parish, on Fridays from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Lunch is $7/person, and is in the church hall. Please contact Mandy Raftus ( if you have any questions. Come and enjoy a lovely lunch and great conversation with a great group of people. Bring a friend along or meet some new ones! We’d love to see you all!!

Preteen Dance

St. Peter's has been happy to be able to bring back the Preteen Dance, hosted on the last Friday of the month. The music is loud as is the crowd, but a lot of good fun is being had. The dance goes from 7-9 PM, and is open to preteens ages 8-12. There is a covercharge of $5, as well as a canteen selling drinks and snacks. 

Christ Church, Cow Bay

1609 Cow Bay Road

Cow Bay, NS

B3G 1L1

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Eastern Passage

346 Cow Bay Road

Eastern Passage, NS 

B3G 1C6

Parish Office

The office is open:

Monday   3pm until 6pm

Tuesday   3pm until 6pm

Thursday 3pm until 6pm

Last Saturday of the month 


Donating to St. Peters

If you'd like to make a donation to the parish, we are set up to receive donations by e-transfer (! Simply include the following information in your e-transfer: Your full name and envelope number, or mailing address if you don't have an envelope number. In this way, you can receive a year-end tax receipt for your donation. This is a great way to make occasional or one-time donations. 

Parish Council

Parish Council currently meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (with the exception of July & August) to discuss parish business. These meetings are open to any member of the congregation to attend, to keep up with what happens in our parish. Unless you are a member of the Parish Council, however, you would not have a vote. If you do attend, we would ask that you remain respectful and quiet during the meeting. If you would like to speak at the meeting, please approach a member of council, preferably the Parish Council Secretary before the meeting to be added to the agenda. Minutes of the meetings will be made available online, and on paper by request from the office.

Prayer Shawls

We have a prayer shawl ministry in the parish, and always welcome new shawls! For those who don't know, a prayer shawl is given to a person in need (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc) as a reminder that they are loved, and that they are being prayed for. Our goal is to have some available to give out, whenever needed. When shawls are available, you’re welcome to take them for someone you know who is in need. If you knit or crochet, you’re welcome to make shawls in any pattern/colour you see fit. Just remember that the intention of these is that they would be big enough for people to wrap around themselves, as a comfort. We have some patterns available (just ask!) if you would like some guidance, or there are tonnes of patterns available online. 

Sunday School

Our Sunday School has restarted for the fall, and is back in full swing! It begins at 10:15 AM, and runs during the service. If you haven't registered your child yet, it's not too late. Please reach out to Sunday School Superintendent Sandi Somerton for more information.


St. Peter's offers an e-bulletin by email. If you would like to receive a copy of our monthly bulletin by email, please email the office at and we will add you to the list. If you are currently receiving an e-bulletin and are not interested in that, please let us know as well.

If you'd like to submit anything for the November bulletin, the deadline to get it to the office is October 31st, 2022.

Message from the Rector: October 2022

Dear friends in Christ,

This is a time of mixed emotions for many. October is a month when we tend to focus on gratitude, with Thanksgiving falling in the middle of the month. It's one of my favourite months of the year, so I'm often grateful at this time, seeing the changing leaves, the cooling weather, and the beauty of God's creation preparing for a long winter's nap. I can't help but agree with the quote from Anne of Green Gables, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

And yet, this year, we're facing the challenges for many of recovering from Hurricane Fiona. Although many of us were relatively lucky, not losing power at all, or losing it only for a few days, there are still a number of folks who are suffering the impacts of a devastating storm. We continue to hold up in prayer those who didn't fare well in the storm, those who are still cleaning up from the storm, and those who are feeling the impacts of its magnitude. If you or anyone you know are in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Later this month, Noah and I will be heading out for our (long-awaited) honeymoon! We'll be heading to Australia and New Zealand, and will be away for a month (October 25-November 25 inclusive). There will be emergency pastoral care coverage if needed, and you can reach out to the office or parish wardens if you need that information if a pastoral emergency arrives. We'll be having a variety of clergy filling in on Sundays while we're away, each of whom bring their own unique gifts. And we look forward to seeing you when we return!